By: Louis & Carmela Kapeleris

Importance of a For Sale Sign Editorial

Tags: for sale sign, important notice, real estate tips

Hardly a day goes by that I don't receive a call from an interested buyer on one of my For Sale Signs. In some markets, Buyers drive by a home, spot a For Sale Sign and slam on the brakes!

For many Interested buyers, a For Sale sign is a confirmation of what they have already seen on the Internet. If they go out for a drive to see your house in the daylight, they could struggle to find it, especially if there wasn’t a number attached to the property in the ad, and if houses in the area look pretty similar. Putting a For Sale sign up approves what they have seen, and helps them decide whether they want to look inside the Home. 

A For Sale Sign is Free Marketing. Your  neighbours may have friends or relatives who are interested in moving into the Area. If you don’t put a For Sale sign up, how will they know? Your local community can really help you Sell your home.

One New addition to the For Sale sign is a ‘QR’ code. This is a code that is created to link to a specific web page. Interested parties walking by could scan the code with their smartphones, and instantly have access to your property brochure and additional details on their phone, including the number to call to make an appointment.

By not placing a For Sale sign, you are reducing your homes chances for exposure, and may miss out on potential viewers.
If you’re concerned about people turning up on your doorstep out of the blue, Ensure the For Sale Sign stipulates viewing by appointments only. If you’re concerned about the length of time your For Sale Sign will be up, don’t be. If it is marketed correctly, it’ll be sold in no time!

The question isn't whether you should have a For Sale Sign, unless you want to keep the fact -that your Home is for Sale -
A Secret - there is no question that the For Sale Sign will definitely generate extra inquiries and Get your Home Sold Fast! 

But be Aware ...There are some For Sale Signs that just wont work and that should Definitely NOT be on your lawn. Here are some Interesting For Sale Signs that we clearly would NOT recommend.