By: Louis & Carmela Kapeleris

Should you list Your Home with a friend

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SHOULD YOU LIST YOUR HOME WITH A FRIEND? There are many mistakes a person can make when deciding to sell a home. One of the most serious is listing your home with a REALTOR just because that Realtor is your friend.

The problem with having a "friend" represent you is twofold: Is he/she the BEST agent that you can find? In other words- If this person were not your friend would you still hire him/her? The second issue is more personal: Will your relationship with this "friend" change the way that you approach your sale? In other words- Will you be as demanding or have the same level of expectations of your "friend" as you would of an agent you have only a business relationship with?

I strongly encourage you to interview your "friend" as objectively as possible and compare his/her experience and communication skills with that of other agents. Your home is your largest investment, it pays to do your homework. The traits to look for in an agent are : Confidentiality, does and will your friend keep your information confidential from your other friends? Professionalism; how does your friend conduct their business? Are they Full time? What is their Education, Experience and Results? Also, how will you and them handle a situation in the event that their is a dispute?

Do not feel obligated. As Realtors, we are to practice, in our area of expertise. Is your home located in your friends area of expertise? If not - then ask her to refer you to another agent. That way you would still be supporting her business as well.

Most people think it is not a good idea to hire anybody who has a personal interest in the property, whether it is a friend or an acquaintance or especially a neighbor. A neighbor is worst of all because he or she may want to pick who lives next door to them.

You need to go with somebody who is neutral and objective and utterly professional.

I hear people say that it can be much tougher working with a family member or close friend. At times, the sense of urgency is not there and emotions can sometimes really get in the way of things.

You should also never make the mistake of listing with a part time agent. Selling a home is too complicated and too important to entrust to a part time agent or friend, who by not knowing the pitfalls and complications of the business could embroil you in lawsuit. Remember this is a business decision about your finances. If you value you friendships, you will hire someone else.

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