By: Louis & Carmela Kapeleris

Technology is Helping drive Real Estate Sales to New Heights!

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Canadians have grown remarkably comfortable with the electronic homebuying process, and the convenience factor even appears to be driving sales higher.

Previously, Open houses and In-person meetings have actually made purchasing homes more convenient, if not leisurely—virtual property tour can be taken from the comfort of one’s own living room couch—and, complemented by platforms like DocuSign, so therefore deals are closing faster.

The most important thing is the buyer has an opportunity now to actually take some time, from the comfort of their own home and on their own schedule, to make their buying decision, This is an amazing opportunity I haven’t seen in 35 years in this business. Sales are better than they’ve ever been.

The low interest rate environment is doubtless the primary reason for record-breaking housing sales in Canada, but try not to underestimate how crucial feeling secure and empowered is for buyers.

Purchasers appreciate it and they’re buying faster and more comfortably because of it. They have the opportunity to review a document in 24 hours instead of having to sign it on the spot. 

Another major advantage to digitizing sales is people from outside of Canada can purchase homes here before they even arrive. It’s difficult to imagine that tangibility will ever be removed from the process of buying a home, but the pandemic appears to have permanently changed how people shop for them.

We’re still seeing it happen. We are back under lockdown, but it seems like the buying population is getting more comfortable with DocuSign and more comfortable with electronic-based presentations.